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Let's #FITNESS_BRAIN_MINSK/ ENGLISH CLUB at Герои® Studio! "Lounge style" сomfortable аnd relaxing atmosphere inside of the club allows you to meet new people, discuss any topics you are interested in and, of course, to be directly involved in the club’s life (games, specials events, discussions, joint outings ,etc.).

WHY? You are welcome to practice English together! Unlike language courses and clubs organized there everyone can join us REGADLESS THE LEVEL of language skills. HOW MUCH: 2BYN ($1) - First entry 12BYN ($6) - Single entry 40BYN ($20) - 1 Month (4 entries) 120BYN ($60) - 3 Month (12 entries) 240BYN ($120) - 6 Month (24 entries) ​480BYN ($240) - 12 Month (48 entries) DATE/TIME? Every Tuesday 12:00 - 15:00 WHERE? Belarus, Minsk, Pr. Dzerzhinsky 115, Office 420 (Герои Fitness Studio) MORE INFO/BOOKING: https://www.geroi.fit/brain-fitness-english-club #englishminsk #englishclubminsk #английскийязыкминск #английскийклубминск #английскийминск #speakingclubminsk

#englishminsk #englishclubminsk #английскийязыкминск #английскийклубминск #английскийминск #speakingclubminsk

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